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When this conjunction becomes malefic if father and son both live togclher evils will be warded oIT, 10 accept donation or bribe will be 35 malefic, in case fath er and son can n OI live together duc to some reasons then bedding or cot of the fath er if used by son will be auspicious.

II gives troubles to the nalive for both house results. In such case best upaye will be to bury in a lonely cross path articles of Mercury such as nower or blue coloured pearls of glass. There is little Conservative activity in Israel, but this may be more than a question of emphasis on the part of the movement here than anything else.

If conjunction takes place in 9t h house the person will be In 9th house troubles between years. In 5th house, sudden death, in 6t h ill repute and losses. Early life will be hard. He will be beneficial for all matters relating 10 1st and 2nd houses i.

Combmation involving or aspect to 10th house makes one politician with heavy sufferings. Also the sign where conjunction is posited and planet's avasthas viz; own house, debilitated, exaltation or Mootrikona etc. In 9th house, onc will have good rank and wealth from 24th year. Loose moral will result in diseases, impurity of blood, troubled old age.

Ooe is inclined towards yanuas and tantric vidya. Officers or persons in high posilion as well as those subordinate prove very helpful. May bring physical injury o r ailment.

Wh e n malefic. In challenging Arendt's view of Eichmann, one of the critics pointed out seven years ago that "no person of conscience could have participated knowingly in mass murder; to believe other- wise is to learn nothing about the natuT of conscienc And unin- teresting thoitTh it may be to say si.

In case it is strong, it gives increase mcome. Heatand energy becomes morc. It gives more light and interest 10 do more Doble actions.

The upaye in such case will be that the wife of native should wear gold bangle on her arm for the birth of child. The erred of such position is good or bad according to the nature of the planets.

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In 6th house, wben 2nd bouse is posited with Rahu or Ketu deootes average span of life. There is liJcelihood of off spring and of good fortune through them in respect ofhcalth, disposition and circumst ances.

In 1st house conjunction indicates brain diseases, disfavour of superious, if one has illicit relations with other women may not cause him imprisonment and ruin.

Conjunction of Planets

Conjunction with Neptune or Pluto is of doubtful nature. Seven Re- form congregations are now actively served by rabbis in contrast to only three of the Conservative wing.

If Mars is weak and ill aspect ed, it gives good wealth. Comment We have often wondered why the story of the Holocaust has been ignored by the world, and deplored the fact that it is glossed over in history books.Christian Faith Publishing | Leave Your Legacy In Words.

land, publishing at an outspoken J ewish publishing house, could have to say about a subject that could only be interesting to those in J ewish/Zionist circles. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. The Jewish Floridian has absorbed the Jewish Unity and the Jewish Weekly.

The Jewish Floridian

Member of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Seven Arts Feature Syndicate, Worldwide News Service, National Editorial Association, American Association ef English-Jewish Newspapers, and the Florida Press Association.

MATTER OF FACT by JOSEPH ALSOP. was received by the FLORIDA STAR this Springhill and New Nt. Zion Baptist Church.

ton Georgia it has] week from the West Coast District Baptist Association Services were directed by. Such persons are short sighted. will get wealth augmented through a young woman, He will be skilled in writing and painting.

When the conjunction is in 1st, 5th 9th,4th or 10th house, onc will be under the influence of his wife, a minister or memeber in Government setvice and will be rich.

Writing and publishing nmity
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