The collision of family and society in the play all my sons by arthur miller

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All My Sons Essay One of the major themes of All My Sons by Arthur Miller is the relationship between family, friends, and even society.

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A closely related topic to this is individuality and how each character has separate goals, ideas, and attitudes towards the other characters and situations in the plot. All My Sons, Arthur Miller's first commercially successful play, opened at the Coronet Theatre in New York on January 29, It ran for.

Disillusionment in All My Sons by Arthur Miller One of the central themes of All My Sons is the disillusionment of the young, and this theme can be traced through the character Chris, who comes to be disenchanted with his family, society and himself by realizing that none of these is.

The Importance of Family in All My Sons

Nearly all the characters in the play are concerned with the establishment and maintenance of family life. Joe Keller is the “head” of the Kellers: he has run a successful manufacturing business both during and after the Second World War.

Campbell Reed Block 2 The play, All My Sons, written by Arthur Miller, is a play about betrayal and the relationships between fathers and sons. Miller suggests throughout the play, that when moral values are sacrificed in order to be successful, loved ones and everything that is important to you may be lost.

The collision of family and society in the play all my sons by arthur miller
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