Suicide under indian law

Thank-you so much for your lovely and wonderful lengthy comment. All the necessary things about me and my life have been taken care of and paid for so now all that is left is for me to find a satisfactory way to end this existence.

A home ministry official pointed out the case of Manipuri anti-AFSPA activist Irom Sharmila, who has been on indefinite fast for the last 14 years but was kept alive by being charged with attempt to suicide and forcibly administered intravenous fluids.

The Common law approach to suicide is succinctly stated by Suicide under indian law Stone: Hinduism with its insistence on remaining steadfast on the path of ones Karma does not justify suicide.

It is only insofar as I am able to question my convictions, including giving other people a chance to communicate ideas that are not necessarily comforting; that I can perhaps lessen my stupidity an iota, such is my conceit.

They get less of my money. Consent can be used as a defence only if the purpose of the act can be lawfully consented to. The bill will then be brought to Parliament.

The happenings on the date of incident noted by the deceased in her diary showed that she was ashamed of her faults and as such she was committing suicide. And as Jim put it: But I was struck by your sincerity.

In other matters such as demand of money for recruitment to a job, [32] publication of defamatory article [33] it cannot be said that there existed adequate or any instigation by the accused to abet the deceased to commit suicide.

Yes one definition of the most dire narrow-mindedness, is people hypertrophying their fantasies however elaborate and articulate to cosmic significance, while persecuting anyone for merely not agreeing with them. You say I am selfish to want to leave my family but I feel the people who want me here are selfish.

I was calm by the time the police arrived, but as I had stated I was suicidal, I was arrested, handcuffed, and taken to jail, where I sat for several hours. The Supreme Court held that his defence that the deceased, a highly educated woman, was frustrated in life as she could not get all luxuries, of life was not tenable.

Suicide, Euthanasia and the Indian Law

Being unable to leave an area of your own free will is being placed under arrest. State of Punjab, [8] Section renders a person punishable of abetment to suicide only if the condition of commission of suicide is fulfilled. Even if suicide is not a crime, consent as a defence for assisting cannot be a defence.

Suicide legislation

In Thomas Master v. Moreover, the Law Commission of India had taken note of the fact that the British Parliament had enacted the Suicide Act inunder which an attempt to commit suicide has ceased to be an offence.

It is further suggested that investigation of a suicide case be conducted with the mandatory assistance of a qualified forensic psychologist which would ensure that the right cause of suicide with and without the aid of Suicide note is detected at the earliest.

Thank-you so much for your lovely and wonderful lengthy comment. Decriminalization of suicide attempt rekindles debate on euthanasia "In view of the views expressed by the WHO, the International Association for Suicide Prevention, France, decriminalization of attempted suicide by all countries in Europe and North America, the opinion of the Indian Psychiatric Society, and the representations received by the commission from various people, the commission has resolved to recommend to the government to initiate steps for repeal of the anachronistic law contained in sectionIPC," the panel said while mentioning how only a handful of nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore and India have "persisted with this undesirable law".

The number of suicides in the country during the decade has recorded an increase of I was found to be bipolar and put on medication. We have constitutional rights in place for a reason and they need to be exercised by every human being in this world. I feel sorry for the suicidal people.

It is in the legal statutes that suicide is a crime in that state.

Is Suicide Illegal? Suicide Laws By Country

In Virendra Kumar v. In Anand Mohan Sen v. Reply Link Alexa July 30,7: While the Delhi High Court holds the opinion that it does amount to an offence under this section, the Calcutta High Court says that it may not.

Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code

Therefore — you should be charged with an accessory to committing a crime due to the fact, that you watched them slowly die from a disease that is untreatable. Traditionally, suicide has been condemned by religions across the world. It seems that depression is a main reason for suicide.

State of Rajasthan, 2 Crimes Raj. The only people who are all gung ho about suicide laws are the business people who see a fat chance to sell some mind altering psych drugs to someone who is in no position to refuse.

It is of public as well as personal advantage to have suicide in general regarded as cowardly immoral and disgraceful. I feel sorry for the suicidal people.result of a suicide (Insurance Act of India,Section 2 (11)).

seen presenting that when the assured commits suicide the claims under the policy are denied. In such cases, on the Laws of England, that suicide was a common law criminal off ence – also referred to as self-murder.

occurs under abnormal or suspicious to commit suicide or to cause serious injury, or danger to life or health. [2] CrPC Section (1) provides inquest by Dowry Death and Law – Indian Scenario of - -. Suicide under UAE Law: Article of the UAE Federal Penal Law states that “a person who attempts to commit suicide is subject to imprisonment that does not exceed six months, or a fine that.

Attempted suicide no longer a crime as India changes attitude to mental health problems New law aims to encourage recognition of mental health issues such as depression and provide treatment. Law is the supreme authority which confers rights to its citizens and under which most important is the “Equality before the law” and “Equal protection of Law”.

The constitution of India has been made the supreme law of the country and other laws are required to be in conformity with it. Attempted suicide is not a criminal offence in Ireland and, under Irish law, self-harm is not generally seen as a form of attempted suicide.

It was decriminalised in [] Assisted suicide and euthanasia are, illegal.

Suicide under indian law
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