Importance of satellites in maritime domain

The Importance (And Perils) Of Maritime Industry Satellite Services

Freedom to access space or space based system is analogous to freedom at sea. MDA BlueHawk is fully operational and used by several key customers. The Indian Ocean has always been the hub of International power politics due to its strategic location, inherent rich natural resources and vital trade routes.

Importance of Satellites in Maritime Domain

PN participation in Maritime Interdiction Operations, Counter Piracy deployment, and recent terrorist attacks on PN personnel and assets has further enhanced our reasonability to be more vigilant and maintain a maritime situational awareness in the Area of Responsibility AOR.

By yearIndia plans to develop a space weapons for intercepting hostile satellites. These large constellations of small optical satellites could dramatically transform the nature of Maritime Domain Awareness.

First of all active counter measures a. Apart from passive measures there remain yet another strategically offensive option and that is the destruction of ground stations.

MDA BlueHawk provides open-ocean and coastal coverage by exploiting and fusing data from multisensor, space-based satellite synthetic aperture radar SARsatellite and terrestrial AIS, vessel registry data and other contextual data.

The fact needs to be realized and profoundly addressed. IRS is an Indian program to develop an indigenous capability to image earth, the Indian Ocean region in general and Pakistan and India in particular. Decoys or dummies of ships, aircraft, tanks, artillery, armored vehicles etc.

Bhaskhara 2 was launched in June into the orbit and burned up on 30 Nov Resulting in increased coordination through network centric capabilities. The resolution of these satellites is considered to be sufficient for pinpointing strategic defence installations, natural or man-made obstacles, large missile sites, armour concentration, precise airfield locations and other built up areas.

Remote-imaging, earth observation and surveillance satellites are potentially the most important of these dual-use space systems. The fact that the whole territory is within the view of satellite has to be taken into account for planning movements.

Leveraging Technology Trends for Maritime Domain Awareness

PN participation in Maritime Interdiction Operations, Counter Piracy deployment, and recent terrorist attacks on PN personnel and assets has further enhanced our reasonability to be more vigilant and maintain a maritime situational awareness in the Area of Responsibility AOR. It can effectively intercept and in future can jam the signal and radar transmissions, not to mention vulnerability of our microwave and digital communications.

These satellites provide Indians with a better-centralized command and control over her military forces. Movement will go undetected, if it can be initiated and completed during the blind swath period over our territory.

Importance of Satellites in Maritime Domain

This was the third test launch of the PSLV. Ground stations can be jammed, and the jamming might even be made to seem innocent interference.

Additionally mapping of the sub continent through these satellites would provide India with an accurate cartographic picture for the launching of its long-range ballistic missiles. A lot of time may pass before one of these incidents are even reported to the operator, even after the issue has been acknowledged.

The images may be radioed to ground immediately subjected that friendly ground station is within the sight of the satellite. It was launched on 5th May The margin for error within the maritime space is so low that antenna pointing must be impeccable. In the near term yearsthe explosion of EO systems hundreds of satellites will dramatically expand the universe of data available well beyond its already astronomical proportions.

It can assist in framing the operational picture by revealing suspicious activities, behaviours of interest, and nascent or evolving situations. Access a maritime picture covering vast maritime regions.

For all the other maritime vessels, he was convinced that the AIS signals could be picked up by appropriately equipped satellites in LEO. This is a conventional barracuda camouflage net used over air defence sensors.

GSLV fulfilled a year vision of self sufficiency in space domain. The miniaturization of technology and an entrepreneurial environment ripe for new opportunities have advanced small satellite technology into the competitive marketplace.Importance of Satellites in Maritime Domain Essay INTRODUCTION 1.

The launch of Sputnik satellite by USSR on 4th Octoberwas the start of space age. Whether it be monitoring shipping on behalf of global markets, timely awareness of emergencies at sea, determining environmental hazards, tracking illegal activities, or gathering intelligence regarding potential threats to national security, access to timely and accurate understanding of what is happening in our maritime environments – known as.

RADAR SATELLITES AND MARITIME DOMAIN AWARENESS J.K.E. Tunaley London Research and Development Corporation,London Research and Development Corporation, Margaret Anne Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K0A 1L0 () Report Documentation.

MDA BlueHawk Delivers Global Maritime Domain Awareness; Views; Related. With water covering about 70 percent of the planet, maritime domain awareness is one of the most important activities undertaken by national and international agencies.

allowing for approximately minute latency from the time of satellite imaging until.

Space-Based Systems Enhance Maritime Domain Awareness Say SWF Panelists

multi-domain picture that links the identity, location, known patterns and present activity of ships, cargo, people, and hazards within and adjacent to the maritime domain. In MarchSurrey Satellite Technology will launch NovaSAR, which has small, 3-meter by 1-meter SAR and AIS payloads combined, providing commercial small satellite maritime domain awareness capability in a small fully redundant package of kilograms.

Even NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory are utilizing small satellites to .

Importance of satellites in maritime domain
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