Eddy ardonne thesis

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There are only 10 possible behaviors of a Hamiltonian under and. Between and I did my PhD research on the quantum Hall effect.


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Although this work did not lead to a publication, it is a nice review of the quantum Hall effect including the Chern-Simons theory, conformal symmetry, Kac-Moody algebra and W-algebra involved in its effective description that has helped to lure several students to this great subject.

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Graphene and the Quantum Spin Hall Effect

As a direct consequence of this Lorentz force, charged particles will accumulate to one side of a wire if you send current through it and hold it still in a perpendicular magnetic field.

Recent experiments [This was still under construction in and therefore not so "recent" any more. In rhetoric from texas state university press, Perhaps the most remarkable feature of Fibonacci anyons is that they allow for universal topological quantum computation in which a single gate—a counterclockwise exchange of two Fibonacci anyons—is sufficient to approximate any unitary transformation to within desired accuracy up to an inconsequential overall phase.

Physical Review Letters, As an illustrative warm-up, Sec. It allows you to do linear response calculations and to perform the Chern-Simons flux attachment trick, which is exactly what we have done.

Conformal field theory, developed at lightning speed after Belavin, Polyakov and Zamolodchikov's famous paper, has been successfully applied to many problems in statistical mechanics and condensed matter. Yet, in this work, we explore silver as an active element for the ORR catalysts.

It is difficult to interpret. The only other physical system that we know of today where fractional statistics may be found is liquid helium. In contrast, an extended state spreads through the whole sample and its energy is that of a particle that does not feel the random potential.

Bulk electrical or thermal insulator Boundary conducts electricity or heat similar to a metal 7 Because of the presence of the bulk gap, bulk phases are robust against the addition of disorder.

At the foot of the rainbow.Trebst, Simon and Ardonne, Eddy and Feiguin, Adrian et al. () Collective States of Interacting Fibonacci Anyons.

Physical Review Letters, (5). Art. Thesis projects The Condensed Matter and Quantum Optics Division at the department of Physics (COMQO) offers many different degree projects, both for Bachelors, Master or PhD students.

Here are some examples, but you are also welcome to suggest your own projects or discuss your interests with us. Pubs - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. References for the article. Classification of metaplectic modular categories with Eddy Ardonne, Meng Cheng and Zhenghan Wang Journal of Algebra () (1/16) ArXiv [] An invitation to the mathematics of topological quantum computation PhD Thesis, University of California, San Diego, Abstract: Most of the results in my thesis are.

Eddy Ardonne is an avid skydiver. He is currently an assistant professor at NORDITA in Stockholm where I am visiting this month, and he frequently offers to.

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Eddy ardonne thesis
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