Contrast two pets in house

Cats can meow, but they are definitely not as noisy as dogs, and much less expressive with their body language.

Exploring Compare and Contrast Structure in Expository Texts

Teachers can also conduct brief thinkaloud activities when reading compare-contrast texts aloud to students to model the use of these words as cues to let the reader know what the text is asking them to do.

Let's go back to the passage now and see if we can find any words or phrases that let us know that the passage is comparing and contrasting two types of animals.

Dogs are usually extremely playful and want to have a job to do. Contrast two pets in house children all names are pseudonyms speak to one another quietly in Spanish as they take out their reading logs and pencils. Text structure, background knowledge, and vocabulary acquisition How to teach young students to identify and use the compare-contrast text structure As we have described, one of the issues that young students often face when attempting to comprehend compare-contrast texts is that they are unfamiliar with this type of structure itself-they do not understand that they are being asked to recognize the similarities or differences between two or more things.

The attention-grabbing illustrations, paw-shaped text boxes with fun facts, and relatively simple language make this book a great choice for reluctant ELL students in the primary grades. These types of comparisons make this book a good choice for helping young ELL students to use the compare-contrast structure to make connections between themselves and the topic about which they are reading.

Let us do the work for you, so you have time to do what you want to do! The front of the house is not very aesthetically pleasing. Second, after young learners have a basic understanding of the compare-contrast text structure, teachers can use compare-contrast texts to help bridge the gap between what students already know their background knowledge, their previous experiences with texts, and their cultural and linguistic backgrounds and the new content teachers are presenting.

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The first page describes these physical similarities and differences, and the second page presents labeled diagrams of a spider and an ant. The second type of vocabulary is content-specific- words that are specific to the content being taught and are unlikely to be encountered by students outside of readings or discussions about that particular content.

The next two parts of the essay should identify what is different about the two objects and expand on those differences. Let's turn to another passage now, and see if we can find any compare-contrast words or phrases.

In fact, in half of the classrooms in low-income schools that Duke visited, no informational texts were used at all. One house is Duncan and the other house is Arla.

To contrast setting and atmosphere in Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte uses highly dramatic language, causing the reader to visualise both the houses and the people extremely vividly. Usually cats do not want to sit with you, and some of them dislike being held. Informational text comprehension in the primary grade classroom.

The history and construction of mass transit systems in major cities around the world are described in detail in this book. As you read, you will use this Venn diagram [teacher places Figure 3 on the projector] to help you to keep track of the ways in which the two types of animals in the passage are the same, and the ways that they are different.

I was making a fire in my hands. Although we believe that young ELL students would benefit from instruction related to many different expository text structures, we have chosen to focus on the compare-contrast structure for two reasons.

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Furthermore, the house on Duncan have better benefits than Arla street since is made of brick and Arla house is made of wood,which need to paint.Firefighters helped a family's pets that were hurt in a fire in Beloit on Wednesday. Firefighters rescue pets from Beloit house fire.

Dogs vs Cats Compare and Contrast Essay

pm September 19, Fire officials say no people were home at the time, but four dogs and two cats were inside. Firefighters gave oxygen to three dogs and a cat. Compare and Contrast the Theories of Piaget and Vygosky Tiffany AbelleraBlas BSHS/ February 3, Dr.

Branch Compare and Contrast the Theories of Piaget and Vygosky In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the differences between two theorist, Jean Piaget () and Lev Vygotsky ().

Play with texture and scale A miniature 'Munchkin' pumpkin at one end provides visual contrast. Two kinds of rose hips resemble miniature pumpkins. Two kinds of rose hips resemble miniature pumpkins.

Compare and Contrast Worksheets

Tuck in fringe Birch twigs with leaves attached surround the central display. Feb 11,  · Best Answer: You really need to consider the differences in mood between the two poems and within each poem in themselves.

That is what struck me most in reading them. Look at the use of words and structure of the poem - length of words/lines that affect tempo and to what Resolved.

Kids' Pets in the White House Traits: Compare and contrast two kids' pets in history that lived in the White House. (Grades ) "Pede" Traits: Compares two many-legged creatures (Grades ). People choose their pets for many different reasons, but before you choose, it is important to know how the two most common household pets, cats and dogs, stack up to each other.

Compare and Contrast Worksheets

For example, there are many similarities between these two creatures.

Contrast two pets in house
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