A history and consequences of the massive earthquakes that his southeast asia on december 26 2004

Officials predict the death toll could triple and if relief does not arrive within three to four days, there will be mass starvation. Other seismic regions further south have the potential of generating destructive tsunamis even sooner. The slash-and-burn strategy is the cheapest option and is therefore frequently used.

Northern Sumatra M0 - December 26, 2004

Operation rooms were set up in WHO country and regional offices as well as in the HQ to track the situation in real time on the ground and to respond quickly. The exact amount is not yet known, but theoretical models suggest the earthquake shortened the length of a day by 2.

A study of years of winter weather has found that while short showers are declining, heavy and prolonged blizzards are increasing decade after decade.

In Indonesia, although good information was available for the town of Banda Aceh and the area immediately around it, elsewhere information was limited or unavailable due to insecurity, impassable roads, and damaged bridges. There are warning systems installed on many coastal areas but there have been reports that not all of these systems are functioning properly.

Tsunamis Kill Thousands in Southeast Asia

Barring monsoonlike rains, major adjustments in water usage will need to happen on a massive scale if Australia's biggest cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide, hope to continue having drinking water in two years' time, experts say.

According to official estimates about 8, people lost their lives.

Tsunami wreaks havoc on Southeast Asia

In some areas, this redistribution of stresses will be such as to shorten the time to the next big earthquake compared to what would have been the case if the earthquake had not happened.

Such earthquakes and tsunamis can be expected every hundred years or so. Five quakes greater than magnitude 2. Measurements from these satellites may prove invaluable for the understanding of the earthquake and tsunami. A list of tsunami wave heigts as recorded by tide stations will be provided.

Andaman Island lies in a very active earthquake zone. The height of the waves remains to be determined. Minor aftershocks have been detected as far away as the U. That reduces the probability of highly-explosive eruptions in the near future. During the past 40 years, the total volume of mountain glaciers around the globe has declined by about 10 percent.

There have been no reports of casualties. Since this is peak tourist season in Southeast Asia, and a frequent time for holidays by Americans and Europeans, many countries can expect casualties to be reported. Reports of tsunami wave height: It is expected that these estimates will be revised upwards.

Thus, the state of Kerala was hit by the tsunami despite being on the western coast of Indiaand the western coast of Sri Lanka suffered substantial impacts.

Most of the aftershocks will result from gravitational adjustments of the crustal material that was moved during the major earthquake. The possible impact date - Friday the 13th, April Also, in the minutes preceding a tsunami strike, the sea often recedes temporarily from the coast, something which was observed on the eastern side of the rupture zone of the earthquake such as around the coastlines of Aceh province, Phuket island, and Khao Lak area in Thailand, Penang island of Malaysia, and the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

The refracted tsunami waves inundated the southwestern part of Sri Lanka after some of its energy had been reflected from impact with the Maldives. The official death toll isbut about 7, were reported as missing. The main bridge which connects Hafun to the mainland was washed away.

The uprooted and broken trees amount to about three million cubic meters of wood. A significant lahar is unlikely to happen before Christmas. Each of these megathrust earthquakes also spawned tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean.Chapter 9, 10, 11 - South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.

STUDY. PLAY. South Asia Plate Tectonics.

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

o The December tsunami was the deadliest tsunami in history -killed Because of its history, the culture of Southeast Asia is extremely homogeneous. False. Dec 26,  · Tsunamis Kill Thousands in Southeast Asia. Published December 26, Fox News Rescue and recovery operations are underway after a massive earthquake off the coast of Indonesia's.

Massive sea surges triggered by an earthquake under the Indian Ocean have killed over 10, people in southern Asia, with many more feared dead. An magnitude earthquake under the sea near Aceh, north Indonesia, at local time ( GMT) generated the biggest tsunami the.

UTC magnitude, 30 km depth Meulaboh, Aceh, Indonesia magnitude earthquake UTC at December 26, UTC. recent years resulted from the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that struck Asia last year on December 26, What determines how catastrophic these natural a picture of the nature of earthquakes and what the consequences are for the people of this planet.

Natural Disasters: Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis. The Great Earthquake of 26 December in Southeast Asia. On Sunday, 26 Decemberthe greatest earthquake in 40 years occurred about kilometers off the west coast of northern Sumatra Island in Indonesia.

A history and consequences of the massive earthquakes that his southeast asia on december 26 2004
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